Partner oder Reseller werden

Since the very beginning, Cleanmail works with a number of partners and resellers. We do not only want to continue doing this, but we want to expand this network.

You as a partner or reseller are typically near to the customer with your products and services: ERP, web services, IT support, network and hardware and so on. This earns you the trust of your customers. Cleanmail can help to enhance and complement your service portfolio in the areas of Anti-Spam, mail archive and potentially mail hosting with professional solutions and efficient support.

If you want to become Reseller, the whole cusomter relationship will be in your hands. We will invoice you, and you can chose your preferred way of charging this to your customers.

If you want to become Partner, Cleanmail will take care of the customer relationship, including invoicing. You will stay in contact with your customer as his or her trusted advisor (and likely provider of other services).

Both types receive appropriate commissions (usually on a yearly basis).

For both models we expect that the Partner/Reseller remains in close contact with the customers, and will continue to provide the overall support.

Please contact us if you want to be part of our Partner or Reseller program.