Cleanmail MailServer Pro – POP3 und IMAP

Let Cleanmail host the e-mails for your domain!

Each user has a dedicated mailbox and one (or more) e-mail addresses within your organisations domain. The mailboxes can be accessed via POP3 or IMAP with any e-mail client (Outlook, Apple Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird) or via webmail.

Service Overview

  • Hosting for e-mails in your domain
  • Filtering of all e-mails integrated with Cleanmail Domain Gateway
  • Access via POP3, IMAP4 or webmail
  • 15 GB storage for your e-mails (for “Premium” accounts; “First” accounts have 1 GB of storage)
  • Spam quarantine with individual blacklist and support tools
  • Shared address books
  • Shared calendars
  • Synchronisation with ActiveSync (Premium Accounts)
  • FileShare function to send attachments up to 500 Mbyte
  • Autoresponder for vacation notifications
  • Access to and download of external mail accounts
  • Configuration of your e-mail accounts through web-based config tool
  • Daily backup of your data

Price List

Paket Price, in CHF
MailServer Pro First, 1 GByte storage, incl. Cleanmail Domain Gateway 5.00 / month
MailServer Pro Premium, 15 GByte Speicherplatz, incl. Cleanmail Domain Gatewaay 7.50 / month

All prices in Swiss Franks (CHF), excl. VAT. Several options and customizations available on request.

Documentation and Price list (in german): Cleanmail Mailserver Pro

Order Cleanmail MailServer Pro

Please contact us for in-depth support or a quote for your organisation at +41 52 208 99 66 (see the contact page for all options, or use the chat function on this page).