Cleanmail Domain Gateway

The Cleanmail Domain Gateway is the trusted platform to secure your public mail communication. It keeps you free from spam, malware and many types of attack. More than 400,000 automated signals per day ensure the highest accuracy of the filtering. We engage in security initiatives to protect your data from all current threats and risks.

Your technical staff has access to central logs to quickly fix issues in routing— usually the most time-consuming issue with mail on the Internet.


What is it?

  • Filters unwanted content and attacks: spam, phishing, viruses, malware, denial-of-service
  • Software as a Service: no infrastructure to set up, no configuration, no “learning” of filters
  • Compatible with all mail server products (e.g. MS Office 365 and Exchange on-premise, Google G Suite)
  • Buffers messages from the Internet to you if your mail server is not reachable

What do you get?

  • Highly efficient and accurate spam filter
  • Central platform to monitor your mail flow
  • Access to the highly qualified support team to help diagnose delivery issues
  • Pro-active support in case of issues with mail flow

How do you interact with it?

  • You don’t notice the Domain Gateway, it just works
  • Administrator access to review mail flow and to subscribe to quarantine notifications
  • As an administrator you can allow self-signup for your users; no user management needed

Why choose Cleanmail?

  • Our network of experienced partners for your support, and we can quickly bring your preferred IT provider on board
  • We develop our own software to achieve the best reliability and security for you
  • No call-center or online forms if you have technical or admin issues
  • Partners: You can manage multiple customers with a single login


Price List

The price is based on the number of active mail accounts in your organisation.

Mail Accounts Price, in CHF per month
1 – 5 accounts 25.-
6 – 10 accounts 35.-
11 – 15 accounts 50.-
16 – 20 accounts 65.-
21 – 30 accounts 90.-
31 – 50 accounts 120.-
51 – 75 accounts 165.-
76 – 100 accounts 220.-
101 – 200 accounts 360.-
201 – 300 accounts 530.-
301 – 400 accounts 690.-
401 – 500 accounts 850.-
more accounts on request


Cleanmail Outbound Scanner
Optionally you can send your outgoing mails via Cleanmail servers. With that you get additional security since your mail server can not be abused to send out spam and viruses. Please select this option in the order form when ordering your Domain Gateway.

Please note that the Cleanmail Outbound Scanner can only be used with domains which have their inbound through the Cleanmail Domain Gateway.


Alias Domains
Additional domains belonging to the same company can be configured as alias domains with a strong discount on the main domain. Please note our requirements on Alias Domains

Activating Cleanmail Domain Gateway
In order to activate the service, you only need to change the MX records in the DNS configuration of this domain (usually through your hosting provider). The configuration of your mail server remains unchanged.


Please contact us for in-depth support or a quote for your organisation at +41 52 208 99 66 (see the contact page for all options, or use the chat function on this page).