Domain Gateway E-Mail Filtering


The Cleanmail Domain Gateway is the simplest and fastest solution for users who run their own mail server or who get their email through a hosting provider.

Incoming emails (red) are received by the Cleanmail servers and are checked for spam and viruses. Only safe and requested emails are then delivered to your mail server, while the other emails are either rejected immediately or stored in a quarantine.

Order Cleanmail Domain Gateway

Service Overview Cleanmail Domain Gateway

  • Spam-, phishing- and virus filter with the Cleanmail system
  • Direct delivery of emails to your existing mail server *
  • Web based quarantine application to validate filtered emails
  • No additional hardware and no maintenance work
  • Available immediately: no need to configure and train filters
  • Increased network security by a first layer of defense outside of your security perimeter
  • Protect your mail server from Denial of Service attacks
  • Queueing your messages to your mail server for five days
  • Blocking botnet attackes and directory harvesting
  • Simple activation – you simply point your MX records in DNS towards Cleanmail

* Supported mail server: Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, Postfix, Lotus Notes, and every other mail server which supports the SMTP protocol on  Windows, Mac or Unix-like systems.

Price List

The price is based on the number of active mail accounts in your organisation.

Mail Accounts Price, in CHF per month
1 – 5 accounts 25.-
6 – 10 accounts 35.-
11 – 15 accounts 50.-
16 – 20 accounts 65.-
21 – 30 accounts 90.-
31 – 50 accounts 120.-
51 – 75 accounts 165.-
76 – 100 accounts 220.-
101 – 200 accounts 360.-
201 – 300 accounts 530.-
301 – 400 accounts 690.-
401 – 500 accounts 850.-
more accounts on request

Service description: Cleanmail Domain Gateway

Cleanmail Outbound Scanner
Optionally you can send your outoing mails via Cleanmail servers. With that you get additional security since your mail server can not be abused to send out spam and viruses. Please select this option in the order form when ordering your Domain Gateway.

Please note that the Cleanmail Outbound Scanner can only be used with domains which have their inbound through the Cleanmail Domain Gateway.


Alias Domains
Additional domains belonging to the same company can be configured as alias domains with a strong discount on the main domain. Please note our requirements on Alias Domains

Activating Cleanmail Domain Gateway
In order to activate the service, you only need to change the MX records in the DNS configuration of this domain (usually through your hosting provider). The configuration of your mail server remains unchanged.

Mail Hosting

Optionally, Cleanmail can not only provide mail filtering services, but also offers mail hosting for all accounts in your domain in two variations:

The Cleanmail provides you all services of Microsoft Exchange, combined with a powerful administration console – all inclusive for fixed prices.

MailServer Pro

The Cleanmail MailServer Pro is a cost efficient groupware solution with mail, calendaring,adress books and additional features for small and medium enterprises.


Please contact us for in-depth support or a quote for your organisation at +41 52 208 99 66 (see the contact page for all options, or use the chat function on this page).