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How important are your e-mails to you? What happens if your mail server stops working and you can not access your e-mails any more? Do you have an immutable long-term archive of all your e-mails according to law? The Cleanmail Mail Archive solves a number of problems in one. E-mail archiving for SMEs with a fair and transparent pricing model, with zero investment in software licenses or expensive storage solutions.


Source: Wikimedia Commons, Hubertl. Link: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:BDA-Archiv-Mittheilungen_der_K.K._Central-Commission_01.jpg

The Cleanmail Mail Archive provides a central storage for all your internal and external e-mails according to relevant legal requirements. The service automatically collects all e-mails which are processed by your mail server, and provides an encrypted and digitally signed, immutable long-term archive of all messages collected.

The storage is outside of your network in secure data centers in Switzerland. As a customer, you always have access to your complete archive, you can search e-mails using a highly efficient search engine and you can retrieve archived e-mails back to your mailbox.

Advantages for you

  • Completely outsourced service for the journaling/archival of your e-mails
  • Reduce storage of your e-mails – you can delete e-mails from your Inbox if you don’t need them right now
  • Search and retrieve e-mails back to your inbox with a few clicks
  • Compliant with Swiss and international archival requirements
  • No up-front investment, fixed monthly service fees
  • Fast deployment: Up and running within a few days
  • Central monitoring and management of systems by Cleanmail
  • Encrypted storage of your data in Switzerland

Service overview Cleanmail Archiving Service

  • Archival of all incoming, outgoing and internal e-mails
  • Archival duration up to 10 years (up to 30 years upon request)
  • Encryption of all archived e-mails
  • All archived e-mails are digitally signed
  • Search for sender, recipient, content within seconds – also inside attachments (eg Word, Powerpoint, PDF, ZIP-files)
  • Web-based access, secure with SSL
  • Individual access rights for individual users (default included: one administrator and one auditor account)
  • Auditable log of all archiving actions
  • Platform independent: works with on-premise or hosted Microsoft Exchange, Office365, Lotus Notes, Postfix, Sendmail, Communigate and many other mail server solutions
  • Retrieve e-mails back to your inbox – individually, or in bulk (eg a complete year)
  • Storing e-mails in standard-compliant format (RFC822 / RFC5322)
  • Available immediately: Typical customer effort of 30 minutes to setup up journalling for the archival software
  • Export of the complete archive to a different platform or back to your mail server at any time
  • Intelligent archival of attachments: identical files are stored only once, which saves archival space and reduces cost significantly
  • Import of individual e-mails, Outlook PST files and other formats available


For invoicing purposes, the overall data volume used by the customer is considered (the „volume of the archive“). This volume is calculated after deduplication, compression and encryption, which typically reduces the overall volume by 40% to 60% compared to the raw data. On average we calculate with a volume of 1 Gbyte per user and archive retention year. This number may fluctuate depending on the type of users.


Setup fee free
Monthly base fee CHF 250 / year
Data migrations (eg PST-Import) CHF 25.00 / mailbox

Archival volume cost

Archive volume from… up to and including … Gbyte CHF per Gbyte per year
10 16.50
 10 20 14.50
20 30 13.00
30 40 12.00
40 50 11.00
50 75 10.50
75 100 10.00
100 150 9.50
150 200 9.00
200 250 8.50
250 500 8.00
500 and more 7.50

Order Cleanmail Archive Service

All prices in Swiss Francs (CHF), excl. VAT

 Service Description Cleanmail Archiving Service


Additional Archive Accesses

Optionally individual archive accesses for some or for all users can be created. This provides access to the users’ own mail archive with all search and retrieval functions. Kosten per user (per mailbox): CHF 5.- per year.

Migration and Import of existing data

If you already have an e-mail archive, or you have Gbytes of e-mail data in your Outlook PST-files, we can import them for you into the Cleanmail E-Mail Archive. Your data will be indexed and made available in the regular full-text search. We charge CHF 25.- per mailbox. This service can either be ordered with the initial creation of the service, or can be ordered at any later point in time.

Please note that such imports can only be fully auditable if the full chain can be verified for completeness and accuracy. Usually this is not possible with PST files, but it may be available if importing from an earlier archive system.

Consulting and Support

Cleanmail offers Archiving and backup services for your individual needs. Please contact us for consulting and support in this area.