Sign + Encrypt

Secure encryption and digital signature of e-mails needs two things: an infrastructure to sign and encrpyt, and certificates for the users.

With Cleanmail Sign + Encrypt – based on the technology of the Swiss market leader SEPPmail – both tasks are bundled in a single service which can be deployed without installing any software. Perfectly integrated into the Cleanmail Spamfilter.

Optionally, the Sign + Encrypt service can be used with HIN (Health Info Network) mail services which provides secure identification, authentication and encryption for health professionals in Switzerland.

Service Overview Sign + Encrypt

  • Automated and easy signing of all outgoing messages
  • Automated and easy check of signatures on incoming messages – immediately detect falsifications
  • Rule-based, automated or manual encryption of outgoing messages
  • Decryption of incoming messages
  • Automated management of certificates (issue and renewal)
  • Encryption for recipients without infrastructure
  • “Zero-Touch” deployment: no apps or plugins to install, no certificates to distribute or other actions on end-user devices
  • Integration with all e-mail systems through SMTP (connection encrypted with TLS)
  • Optionally integrated with Cleanmail Mail Archive

More detailed information is available in the Service Description Cleanmail Sign + Encrypt.

For more information and an assessment of your encryption needs, please contact us at or by phone +41 52 208 99 66.