Sign + Encrypt

Legal and business requirements strengthen the case for encryption to protect privacy and intellectual property. Digital signatures provide authentication for email and are therefore an important tool against spear phishing, CEO fraud and similar attacks.

Cleanmail Sign+Encrypt provides both encryption and digital signature as a gateway solution without an implementation project on your side.

What is it?

  • Verification of senders and recipients through digital signatures
  • Encryption and decryption of emails
  • Easiest solution for connectivity to HIN with your own domain
  • Based on the reliable Seppmail encryption solution
  • Works with any mail server and client
  • What do you get?

We sign and encrypt outgoing messages

  • We decrypt incoming messages and check their digital signature
  • The lifecycle for certificates (issuing, renewal, revocation) is automated
  • You will use the reliable and trusted Cleanmail infrastructure for mail routing
  • The service also provides a secure contact form for your website

How do you interact with it?

  • You do not need to distribute software or certificates (optional plug-in available)
  • Your messages are automatically digitally signed—no manual work for the users
  • Communicate with partners without “proper” encryption with a simple secure webmail

Why choose Cleanmail?

  • It’s Software as a Service: no upfront investment • The billing is based on the number of currently active users
  • On-boarding with the Certificate Authority in one single process
  • You can decide to only allow selected users in your domain to use this service
  • Fully integrated with the trusted Cleanmail Domain Gateway


Price List

Sign+Encrypt Service S/MIME+PGP 9.50 CHF/user/month
Sign+Encrypt Service HIN1 2.80 CHF/user/month
Sign+Encrypt Service S/MIME+PGP+HIN1 10.50 CHF/user/month
User certificate of a globally trusted Certificate Authority
required for S/MIME
2.15 CHF/user/month
Cleanmail Domain Gateway included

1 The customer needs a separate contract with HIN for the HIN Gateway. The cost for this is charged directly from HIN to the customer. The features of this connectivity are defined by HIN.

The Cleanmail Sign+Encrypt service is based on products from vendor SEPPmail. Therefore, customers of Cleanmail Sign+Encrypt can basically use all features of SEPPmail. If features required by customers go beyond the present service description, additional charges may apply. Please contact us for further support and consulting.

For more information and an assessment of your encryption needs, please contact us at or by phone +41 52 208 99 66.